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Another Chance


God grant me another chance
To be with someone I admire.
All I had to do was take a stance
“Gainst Satan’s regal attire.

I pray I’ll be good for “him”
And not hurt him in any way,
So if his future with me is dim,
Dear God, don’t let me stay.

He’s one in a million men,
With his quiet, gentle ways’
A man to not cause me sin,
And be happy all my days.

If we were one, I would be true
To his love, no matter the cost,
Because I already paid my due, And God gave back what I lost.

His ways are sincere, warm, and sweet
As he talks softly of better life–
I lay my blanket at his feet
To be an obedient, serving wife.
— Lois Barrett ‘91

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