Shuugh God and Lulu:

I came home with Lois Barrett’s newest novel Shuugh, God And Lulu and started reading it but made myself quit and go to bed. I did not do as well Friday night when I stayed up to 1 a.m. to finish.

Wife abuse and women who return to chance it again and again is a puzzling problem in our society, and Lois was trying to help us better understand it. Many times these women don’t believe in divorce, and neither do I.

Divorce is a sad ending to high hopes. But once the vow to love and honor is broken by brutality, I don’t think true marriage exists anymore. Divorce is just a legal piece of paper acknowledging the reality that the marriage vows were destroyed. That is simple common sense to me.

Newspaper accounts of murdered spouses concern and scare me for those in abusive situations.

Sue Glasco, Writer & Teacher, Woodsong Notes 

This book should help people who read it. Lois Barrett’s motive is good. I had to laugh several times, and also weep at times.  The whole episode points out when and what a person wants to turn from; have a different behavior, yet finds it so difficult to do so.

My sister, Lois Barrett has written now, 5 books. The latest is Shuugh, God and Lulu. The lady quoted here is saying the same thing as I. If you know of someone who has “started and qujit and restarted again or conremplated such, this book is an account of God’s working in a marriage that seems out of kilter.  Lois saw God’s hand in it all.

As  a trained and experienced counselor and minister of the gospel for 56 years,  I highly recommend the book to people who struggle with abuse in a marriage, or who find hemselves as counselors in such a situation.

Dr. Lyndel C. Barnes, CH(LTC) USA Ret, DMIn,  MDiv, MSSM, BS, MOG
Greenville, North Carolina

Though fictional, this book takes a close look at a major problem in America, possibly around the world, that is both real and dangerous. Behind closed doors men, women and children live in a kind of love/hate relationship within the family that often ends in death or server debility.

Lois Fowler Barrett, a former investigative reporter, has plumed the depths of this secret life. She follows many rabbit trails individuals take to keep the family secret—secret.  She uncovers truths both parties try to keep hidden. Then, she goes even deeper and looks at the psychiatry behind the seemingly spontaneous rage that ends in physical and emotional wounds. Through eyes of the physical abuser, the emotional and the verbal abuser.

Though this book does not represent the roots, cause and effect of all abusive relationships, I believe it will be a source of healing to many who read it. Perhaps you are not in such a relationship but know someone who is. I recommend you give them a copy of this book and assist them in taking a closer look at their situation to find the truths that can set them free.

Rev. Velma Crow, Author, Speaker, and Teacher, ministering under the cover of Glory of Zion in Corinth, Texas; commissioned through GOZ, not just in Women’s Ministry, but with men, women, and children.