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Jul 26, 2010 - Chicken Scratchin's, Poems    No Comments

Take Your Time


A soft southern drawl invading my mind
As floods of confusion drown surprise
In the wine of his voice and I find
Myself thinking about smiling eyes.

“You don’t even know him,” my Logic cries
Out, to cover the excitement and danger
As he says my name and tries
To think what to say to a stranger.

“You’ve been alone too long!” shouts Reason
To my trembling hand holding the phone.
“Then be careful this dreary season,
You’re not using him—you are just alone.”

“Friendships grow over boundaries and age.
They do not happen with quickened interest,”
Again cries Logic, that depressing Sage.
“Hold your feelings in secret—that way’s best.”

I weary of Reason, Logic and Sense now;
I tire of waiting for life “around the bend.”
I reach and hold a hand to my brow
For the dream he offers as a friend.

–Lois Fowler Barrett    1990

Jul 26, 2010 - Chicken Scratchin's, Poems    No Comments


He was older
And kinder
And gentle –

Sweet to me
Over others:

I noticed him
From the start
And soon

His very presence
Was important,
And by noon

If he hadn’t
Dropped by
To see me
I would wax
Empty, alone
And be
Anxious, alone,

He was so good,
So gentle,
And so kind.

—Lois Fowler Barrett 1979

Jul 26, 2010 - Chicken Scratchin's, Poems    3 Comments

The Butterfly


The golden weekend was leaves falling
In the sunlight
Of your touch and a warm breeze smiling
On us

With gentle, loving warmth – encircling,
Wiping out the fog: the gloom in the
Hurt of me.

Long remembering, yet past goodbye,
But the essence of you lives inside
The memory bank of life and me,
And the smiles, the tender touch of life.

So come again, bright butterfly,
Bright December beckons – Fall is past
And November memories not yet dead,
But full of wispy, willowing love songs
Of mind,

To see me
And soul, and belonging and touching –
Sweet, this surrender of hearts over mind,
To soft, gentle landings rained on hungry
Lips wrapped in the wings of you.

—Lois Fowler Barrett 1979