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Sterling character, full of grace,
A Ray of sunshine, smiling face.
Good thoughts of him invade my mind
As I know friendship, gentle, kind;
One who asks nothing in compensation
For precious time in conversation.

No passion-battles to darken  talks;
No touching hands to ruin our  walks;
No thoughts of sin to turn my  head;
No secret whispers of things  long dead;
No expectation now of “recompense”;
No breach of faith and common sense.

Forever grateful, I stay the  ground:
Friendship like this is ever bound
God-blessed, pure, for time   eternal.
Sterling character and smiling   face—
This Ray of sunshine, full of grace.
—Lois Barrett ‘91

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The swirling night we became  as one
Fills my life in twirling, flooding bliss,
My love—who fulfills all my dreams
Of oneness with a butterfly kiss.

I take thee to be my wedded  husband,
To have, to hold, to cherish ‘til death.
In sickness, health, richer or  poorer
As we live  the wonder of God.

Thy people shall become my people
As your God is also my God.
Your land shall become my land
And we are bound as one  forever.

If we fail each other in any way,
As we meet each threat so dire
Against our happiness and love,
May God correct us with joy and peace.
—Lois Barrett ‘91

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Broken Promise

Not much in diamonds, silver or gold
Does this love of mine have or hold,
Yet if sweetness is measured
In riches, and trust treasured
Beyond what riches can buy,
Then I have all, and that is why
I’ll love cherish, in sickness and  health,
This man above earth’s great treasured wealth.

I’ll take the love he offers me
To the bank of life, and let it be
Riches beyond my just desserts
To hover and protect me from all hurts
Of life, to dream, fulfill and give
Back to him a love that will live.

He little knew what he found in me,
And I could have warned him of yet-to-be,
But he placed those conditions on his giving;
After offering his heart to help my living.

Gave he happiness as best he could.
I promised more than ever I  should.
His jealousy reared its ugly head
And my new found love was all but dead.

Past remembrances flood as agonized mind
Of a love brought down, and now I find
I cannot bear this love once found
To be all it promised and now I’m bound
To end it all for sanity’s sake—
And—promised love? It’s not his to “take.”
—Lois Barrett ‘91