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Love’s Dreams


Pen glides over paper as I sit  and write
Words of despair and growth of love’s doom tonight;
And I listen, listen to nothingness in this room,
To realize the bell tolls on a lost love’s doom.

I was crazy in love with you before,
Yet I feel less and less need, not more
For your arms, kisses light as a feather
That I felt before we had been together.

Sleepless nights tell me some- thing’s wrong now,
And we might never, ever belong now.
Where did the excitement and thrills fly away to?
After we were together I’m so  lost, are you?

Tell me something—show me again why we care,
‘Cause at this time of night I do not dare
To look beyond the first passion we felt
So strongly we thought it would never melt.

“Try again,” I said and re-read your letters,
But nothing came through to untie these fetters
Of numbing doubt, fear and concern
That all the passions of yesterday no longer burn.

— Lois Barrett ‘91

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