Sep 30, 2012 - Chicken Scratchin's    No Comments

Mold in Abundance

Too late the floor buckled and I tripped over it. Investigation revealed my hot water heater had sprung a leak, who knows when, and saturated the floor of my house under the living room and kitchen. The water was pouring into a “pond” formed beneath the house.
Further inspection revealed the massive amount of mold growing and making me sick. Doctor sent me for heart tests – nothing – and scheduled a lung test. I won’t go into all the tests expected of me, the eye problems, dizziness, etc. The internet revealed that all the symptoms I’m experiencing are from breathing and living in mold spores. My little dog was sick also.
Well, we’re boarded out, me to a motel and him to a kennel for who knows how long.
Life goes on.

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