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Now, Let it Be

Dear God, I cannot sleep.
With much tribulation in my soul,
(That you promised to always  keep)
Yet send your goodness to make me whole.

Weary, sleepless, I face each day
In a daze, not knowing where to turn,
Yet you seem to always have a way
For me to make it as I live and learn.

I see always wrong I did in life,
With no answer yet in sight.
How can I ever be a wife
When I haven’t done it right?

I fear for the man who marries me—
That he might regret that sad mistake.
I trust in you to not let it be
As I lie alone and wide awake.

No one is ever alone, it reads
In the Holy Word, I keep inside.
Yet—Spirit that fills my  needs—
Could it be my soul is being tried?

Into each life the rain must fall,
It tells me in the Holy Word,
But God, I cannot take it all
Unless you stand by me, dear Lord.

Lift up my body, that unsleeping form,
And hold it ever close to Thee,
To keep me ever safe from harm,
But if you cannot, then let it be.
—Lois Barrett ‘91

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