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Second Chance

Oh God, I heard his voice again  today
And the thrill I felt was a sight  to behold
As I rushed to let my best friend  know,
But the look on my face—she’d  been “told.”

Thank God for mercy gentle and sweet
Is all I can find to say just now,
As I wait patiently  for his  call,
Because the relief I feel unfurrowed my brow.

Silently, quickly he stole my heart;
But never can know—I cannot  say
How much he played a part
In making my life a brighter day.
Once again I reach for his gentle  heart
And push impatience aside as I   await
His call, this gentle friend of  mine,
To ask me for a second, happy  date.

Oh God, forgive me for what I   have done,
And lead me back to the narrow  and straight.
Because in thy will I would   have already won
The best you had, and not have to wait.
—Lois Fowler ‘91

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