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Two Years

Two years, my love have passed  by us
And they were filled with first-   attraction;
Bitter-sweet and all that fuss
Of loving and longing and little  action.

This anniversary coming up now
Holds me close to the past
Of your gentle, sweet love–and  how
You held me, taught me, to hold  and last.

If by some chance my hillbilly king
You remember the way we  became
And how I learned to love

The sound of your name.
Just a year ago I chanced to see
What life could be outside the  walls of ME
And learned, like you,  it’s  wide!

Now, putting all that past away-
Could we be friends or more again,
And learn to love and laugh all  day;
Or would it fail and bring us pain?

My hillbilly, my love, my friend,
I cannot forget the good we had
I cannot see our closeness end
Or ever see our friendship bad.

So knowing this come away:
Away and begin a new tomorrow.
We’ll laugh and dance and sing all day,
And live without the sorrow.

Yes, I admit I need you
More than you need me–
But what is wrong with us two
Tying me up–and you be free?

– Lois Fowler (Barrett), 1977

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